Product Information

JuneLab® is proud to announce that Whole Foods Market® certified thirteen JL-66® Coco-de-Mer Skincare products as Premium Bodycare® products in September 2010. 

JuneLab®, based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has launched 33 natural herbal skin and hair care products since 2006.  The JL-66® Coco-de-Mer Premium Skincare line combines exotic extracts of Tibetan Saffron, Tianshan Snow Lotus and Coco-de-Mer of Seychelles with other powerful premium ingredients to protect skin from harmful environmental factors.  Our premium line of products is created from ancient Chinese herbalism with the most modern biochemical knowledge.  With more than 40 years of experience, our chemists and herbalists have developed a special process to combine these effective, natural, nutritional ingredients that penetrate smoothly into skin.  We are introducing Facial Cleanser, Facial Day Cream with SPF-12, Facial Night Cream, Eye Cream, Eye Serum, Body Wash and Body Lotion by the end of 2010. These unique herbal blends maintain and replenish skin for a healthy and beautiful appearance.

From day one, product quality and safety have been JuneLab’s top priority.  Experienced herbalists carefully select and blend all key ingredients in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility.  For each batch, an independent laboratory clinically tests these products to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Our JL-66® Tropical Fruit Extract Body Lotions was selected for exhibit at the 2010 World Expo. Our Coco-de-Mer Shampoo and Conditioner won first place for Overall Hair Products at the 2010 Julib Style Awards in New York City.

JuneLab® is dedicated to bringing more herbal products to market in the future.